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Start earning with AdSense from your Hindi blog or website

Good news for scores of Indians who write in Hindi.

Google Adsense today launched that it has officially accepted Hindi content for its advertising programme.The announcement was made via the Google Adsense Newsletter to publishers.

Here’s the screenshot. (I don’t know that I had so many Indian visits until this)With Hindi being spoken by as many as 500 million people around the world, and a rapidly growing online audience, Google Adsense is of the view that the language could be the next “opportunity to grow your site’s user base." “You can now use your existing AdSense account to monetize your Hindi content – just create a new ad unit to get started,” stated the statement, a copy of which was also received by me via the e-newsletter.

The move could bring in huge revenue for Google as more bloggers and publishers will start using the service and I’m pretty sure that we will soon see the next millionare Hindi blogger! If you are more comfortable with Hindi, start straight away and laugh all the way to the bank every month! Winking smile The implementation process is simple! Simply login to your AdSense account and use the normal code. If you have not signed up for AdSense, go and register at now.
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Customer Review of Asus Padfone Mini

By Aditya Soni

asus-pf400cg-400x400-imae26p6xty5g2fmMy review is based on  usage of of the gadget for just 8-9 Hrs within 1 Night & 1 Half Day:

#AnTuTu Benchmark : for 4.3 its 23K and 4.4 its 22K....Great performance
#Touch response : good - 6/10
#Overall Concept of pad fone: good : 8/10
#Camera Functions : OK 5/10 (Any other additional app also can serve this)

#Battery : worst (-10)/10 - making only 3 outgoing calls, 1 video play of 53sec and 1 song play of 5:23 lngth, battery has come down to 74% (Padfone station) and 62% (Padfone) from 100% and during docked condition
#No flash
#processing of camera after image capture is taking too long time, even you forgot that for which place you have clicked...
#music output from external speaker is so low that you need to put the speaker on your ear to identify the song - of course the area was silent enough.
#Power button - design is so poor that when you press, it get tilted and pressed within plastic body and due to that continuously, it will give message for switch off or it will keep switching off.

Caution: Please do not buy this product just based on concept - concept is good but overall performance is too bad. Mainly due to battery, you will have the weight of 16000 in your hand, but of no use after using it for 2-3 Hrs.

This is the first time, I want to return a product and definitely, I don't need the same one again.

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Amazon India’s Most Stupid Sales Condition Makes Me Wonder Where Their Marketing Department Is

Transcend Memory Card Micro SDHC 16GB Class 4Last week, my cousins wanted to buy two micro SD cards for their smartphones and naturally considered being the tech-savvy guy who knew a bit about where to get these items at a great price, I was asked to place the orders.

First, being a fan of eBay India (, I searched for Transcend Memory Card Micro SDHC 16GB Class 4 and the best price from sellers were Rs 420 and Rs 450. So, I went to which is being promoted on a large scale after its launch in the country.

On Amazon, the best prices for Transcend Memory Card Micro SDHC 16GB Class 4 were Rs 398 and Rs 399 with free delivery for Bangalore city. There were some 30 plus sellers selling the same item. So, I immediately placed the order for two cards from one seller and even pay it in advance. Got a SMS notice on my mobile and email as well telling me that the order was confirmed.

Now, the weird part is coming up.

1. Soon after some 1 hour, I got a message on my email telling me that the order has been cancelled.

Stupid Reason Given by Amazon:-  amazonin

Greetings from Amazon.

In an effort to provide customers with great prices, sometimes the quantity is limited to ensure that all customers have an opportunity to order products that have low prices and high demand.  Due to this, the following order has been cancelled.


We appreciate your cooperation, and thank you for choosing

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact an account specialist by writing to


Account Specialist.

My Questions:-

a) Why would they restrict sale of micro SD card to one per customer if the seller has more item to sell?

b) What business logic tells the marketing department at Amazon India that micro SC cards will soon run out and that they are doing great service to people by giving them one piece each to every registered members of their website? Has micro SD card become essential items like rice or tomatoes and that they are restricting the number of items sold to one customer?

2. Upset with their restriction, I tried to order in an ingenious manner by placing one micro SD card each from two sellers. This time choose the Cash on Delivery option and it came through like the previous order. Order was made and again cancelled automatically by the so called ‘Account Specialist’.

3. Left with no other option, I finally place an order for one micro SD card and voila, order was accepted and the item has been despatched. But, I’m yet to receive it.

4. Yesterday, I thought i will now place an order for the same product from different seller and the “brilliant” Amazon system automatically reminded me that I had already purchased the same item and I’m no long eligible to purchase it!!!! What the ....heck! Does Amazon India think it can police people from buying memory cards? What happens if one of my family member needs another card? It looks like they are automatically saying, “Dear customer... please buy it from eBay or Flipkart!”

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5 precautions to keep your laptop from overheating

By Md. Robiul Awal*

laptop over heatingOverheating computer may destroy and shorten the hardware`s lifespan of your computer, causing to irreparable damage and potential data lose. Besides data lose heat pecks away your computer`s internal organ –the CPU, motherboard, and more- significantly shortening its lifespan. Moreover a cooler computer is faster than a hot computer. So preventing your computer from overheating follow these 5 precautions.

Keep laptop above form surface contact: Try to use an USB-powered cooling pad. This will not prevent it from getting hot but will help slow down the rate at which it gets hot. If you do not want to use any cooling fan you can use a technique of taking 4 eraser and putting them in four corners of the laptops so it will above surface. Eraser is better than cap.

Keep your laptop`s vents free: Keep your vents free in any way .This is the only way of expelling hot air. Blocking vents means cutting off air supply. Take canned air regularly and try to place can`s straw inside each of the vent hole and give it a quick shot of air for blowing away internal dust that may be preventing the heat sink from doing his job.

Never use your laptop on a soft surface: Avoid using your laptop on a soft surface like a bed, blanket etc. Vents can be easily blocked by this. It can trap heat inside without anyone even realizing it. This precaution is same for power adapter.

Keep update your laptop`s thermal compound: Thermal compound is used between the CPU and the heatsinks to fill the gap .The gap is created when the heatsinks are machined and leaves little ridges in it. It also helpful for surfaces that are not completely flat. If you cover most of the cover of the CPU, you will get good heat transfer.

Give your laptop a break: When you see that your laptop is getting very hot then try to give it a break. You should save the data, close the program and shut down the laptop. Take special care in high humidity. Higher humidity reduces the effectiveness of cooling and causes excessive heat. When humidity is above 50 and a long time using makes it hot and may cause shut down.

Prevention is better than cure. In spite of precautions sometimes damages may occur. No tension at that time .Every disease has cure. When it will occur take  laptop repair.

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Auxus Linea L1 KitKat 4.4 Review: Great Expectation from a Budget Phone

I ordered two sets of Auxus Linea L1 KitKat 4.4 Quad Core Smartphone 1GB RAM 4.5 OGS GPS from a Chennei based eBay seller to test this product. But, to my utter dismay, when i called up they said that since there was too many orders, eBay could not processed and sent the product the next day.

I was expecting the next day delivery since I live in Bangalore. When i placed the order, there the seller had already sold 560 sets. I asked myself if this is BIG enough to create problem for eBay!

The Hong Kong based iBerry product Auxus Linea L1 was exclusively released on eBay a week back and the promotion states that the price of the set will go up again to Rs 7990 from Rs 6990 after July 5, 2014.

I placed an order on June 29 and the seller said he will be able to dispatch only on July 7. As I waited for the product, i thought i should share some of the features of  this budget phone which is likely to give some competition to the major brands in the Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 price bracket. However, I cannot say now, if this is the phone you should buy. Let the product come and I’ll be the first to tell you if it is worth the price. So, subscribe or keep visiting my blog.

Here are some of the features:- 

The MeditekRu ProceJJor of AUXUJ Línea Ll iJ powered by qud ARM Cortex-A7 Harvard SuperJcalar proceJsor coeJ with 32-bit LP-DDR3 memory interface integrated with ARM Jazelle g ARM TrustZone, with complete power eciency algoríthm

5MP Rear Camera
2MP Front Camera

Gorilla glass protection with Enhanced Sratch Resistance

WiFi certified Míracast
With the support of WiFi cenified Miracast, Auxus Linea Ll features Wireess Display capabiity. Now you can just watch any of your content available on your Handset right up on your TV, relessly without the need of connecting any cable!

FAQ about the mobile set 
Q: which network does phone support 2g or 3g ?
A: Both

Q: I wanna know that this phone has the facility of push mail?
A: Yes

Q: Is it supports WI-FI tethering(hotspot)?
A: Yes

Q: What is the maximum video resolution support for this handset? Can i play 720P and 1080P videos without any hang/delay?
A: You can play even 1080p Full HD Videos without any lag.

Q: What are the accessories included in the package?
A: You will get Handset, Battery, Charger, USB Cable, Earphone and User Manual.

Q: Is there FM radio available in this phone?
A: Yes

Q: What is the SAR value of this mobile?
A: 0.85w/kg (body)

Q: Hi, I just want to know whether the handset supports dual sim with both GSM sim cards. I want to use both the SIM for 3G support. Moreover as mentioned in the specs it can support micro SIM and Normal SIM. Please be specific about this. Thank you Srinivas Chinta
A: Handset supports 3G on the both the SIMs. One SIM slot is Micro SIM and another SIM slot is Regular SIM. Hope that clears.

Q: This is available in dual Sim GSM features or not?
A: Yes, this Dual SIM GSM only.
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