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Would You Buy Twitter Followers To Be Successful Blogger?

By Robert LS

Not wise to buy Twitter followers.
As a blogger who wants to reach out to more followers, there is always an urge to get more readers. This question is very much relevant because the more people i get, higher is the chances of more people reading my blog. So, to get more readers to my blog, I took to Twitter and created an account at @chiprang.I started tweeting all my updates with some questions and what my few followers thought about my latest article. I also looked at profiles and followed the ones that interested me the most.

It was Slow...?

It was slow process but followers trickled in like rain drops within a week. In two months, I some 300 followers to my blog's Twitter account. It was extremely slow,,, I keep looking for people to follow, but it began eating up my time and i begin to write less.

I Googled the words “How to get more Twitter followers?” Some of these answers were mixed up. Some suggested that I buy followers, which was totally new thing to me. Some suggested that buying was frowned upon. So, I set out to see if the later method really works and if it works out so well as claimed by many bloggers. So, I spent $5 on a seller who promised to get me 3000 followers.

Buying Followers No So Bad...

Within 3 days, I had some 3800 followers. The seller said he gave me some real extra followers because I was his 1000th customer! I was totally elated. Imagine, two months of hard work got me just 300 followers and in 3 days I got 3000+ for just one cup of coffee worth. So, I asked the seller to double up. In 6 days, followers rose up to 6500+ (combined with the natural followers who were genuinely interested in my articles).

No "Real Followers"...

However, my joy was short lived. WHen i checked my followers, most of them were just 'EGGS' (accounts with no profile pic or simply called 'bot followers'). They were bots, in fact nothing but bogus. I was furious. But, when I complained, they told me that I had not asked for “real” followers". I was totally confused and startled by the new revelation that there can be "real" and "not real" followers on Twitter.

Worst of all, as one week passed, the number of followers began to fall rapidly. A month later, I was left with just 700 followers! Probably, these were the only real genuine followers who voluntarily followed me. I complained again. This time there was no response...till today.

Negative of Buying Twitter Followers

I learnt my lesson that month and never to buy Twitter followers again. Since then I have been sticking to what I do best - write and write. I've stopped promoting my Twitter page nor Facebook pages. But, I'm happy with the small number of followers or likes I get every week. But, now I at peace, knowing that I don't have fake followers but only people who are genuinely interested are following me and reading my blog. Twitter numbers in many cases are just a false illusion and it is said many celebrities and established bloggers who compete with each others buy followers. As a blogger who is constantly trying to do better and find out things for myself, I did not regret buying those followers as it turned out to be one of the most important lessons in my blogging experience.

Share with me your thoughts on buying social media followers in the comment box below.
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AdSense: How do deal with Estimated Earnings and Finalised Earnings Differences

AdSense earnings can be different even on the same day.
Estimated Earnings and Finalised Earnings can differ a lot. In my years of blogging, I’ve come across ups and downs moment with AdSense earnings. 

I experienced mood swings every time when I see $40 in the morning on my AdSense dashboard and by afternoon when I checked my account expecting some $80+, instead the figure had come down drastically to $3 or sometimes $10. 

Most of the time, the huge fluctuation in figure is the result of invalid clicks when some unknown people keep on clicking the ads. Google AdSense, when it identified such trends takes into account only "genuine' views or clicks.

I’m sure, just like me, you as a AdSense publisher, had gone through similar experiences and stories to tell about the fluctuation in AdSense earnings. 

Now, I have found a perfect solution to solve the mood swings. It is rather simple: Accept that there can be sharp difference between Estimated Earnings and Finalised Earnings. Sometimes, you just have to sit back and relax and trust in Google.

Have you seen such ‘shocking’ changes in the figure? What is your experience?  Feel free to share with me in the comment box.
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April Fools Prank: AdSense fools publishers with Top planets and moons earnings report

AdSense April Fool's Prank with its publishers.
Like every publishers and bloggers, I often checked the AdSense earnings several times a day. On April 1, 2014, I logged in to my AdSense account and was surprised to see a new feature called "Top Planets And Moon Earnings" with earning from each of the source.

I was baffled. "How on Earth am I getting visitors from Europa, The Moon and Mars".

Mind you, the lowest number of visitors came from Earth! And when clicking on the View Details this is the text that met me: We're sorry, some data in this report is delayed, please try again later. There's no impact to ad serving or payments.

Then I realized, it was April 1. The Fool's Day and so I immediately took the screenshot to record the important event why AdSense staff can also be fun-loving as well. ;)

I'm back to blogging. Thanks to the AdSense team.
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5 Things You Should Look Into When Shopping For Web Hosting

As a blogger, you should be aware of a few things about web hosting that could affect your blog. Most bloggers don't even think twice about their hosting company, but the truth is, if your hosting company fails and your blog goes down, it is going to look really bad and could potentially risk losing a fraction of the audience. So to ensure that doesn't happen to you, we are going to cover 5 different things you should look into while shopping for web hosting.

Dedicated Servers
If you can, getting a dedicated server is highly recommended. They are a little pricey, but you won't have to deal with any of the hassles or risks that come with shared hosting. You have much more control over it, you will have higher security, less risks of it crashing, much higher load speeds, and plenty more. Although your blog might be new and not have much traffic now, in the future, you should be hoping to have large amounts of traffic.

Loading Speeds
How fast your blog loads is a big deal because you never know when someone will be using their phone or other device to check out your content. If they have to wait a while to load the content, they might just end up moving to the next blog. If you plan to be on a shared server, you should check and see what type they are using and if it can handle the amount of people they are placing on it. Some companies will try and jam pack to many people onto one server, then the server reacts extremely slow because of all of the activity and could even end up going down if too much traffic is going through.

There are ways you can decrease loading speeds on your end, but you should ensure that the hosting provider can get your site up as fast as possible. Not only does slow loading speeds hurt the user experience, but search engines rank based on how fast you load, so if you loading slow, you're going to be hurting your SEO efforts.It is always best to read reviews like web hosting hub reviews and bluehost reviews  by webhost analysis. These are just some of the reviews from real customers that you can read to help you get the possible host your website needs. There are still a lot of available web hosting reviews that you can find on the web.

An important aspect of web hosting that is usually overlooked is the support that is given by the company. If you ever need help with making changes or updating something, you shouldn't need to wait multiple days to have it done. You should have an easy way of contacting support and get a response in less than 24 hours. If your blog ends up going down for some reason, your goals should be to get it back up and running as soon as possible. If their support is doing what they are supposed to, they should have no problem hooking you back up.

Pay the Right Price
Unfortunately, there are a lot of hosting companies out there that will try to get you to pay double or even triple the amount than you should. It is safe to say that staying away from any overpriced companies is a good idea. At the same time, you don't want to just choose a company because they are extremely cheap. They might be cheap because their services are that bad. You should choose a reliable company that will provide good services at a fair price.

Other Features
Web hosting not only offers you ways to get your site on the internet, but they usually have other benefits and features to offer to try and convince you to choose their company. An easy example of an extra feature would be E-mail. You will probably want to have your blog's own e-mail system, so you should make sure that it is offered as a free addition. There are plenty of different benefits you can get from different companies, so shop around and make sure you are getting everything you need to make your blog as best as it can be.

There are other aspects of hosting companies you could look at, but as a blogger these are the 5 things that will affect you the most. If you are still having trouble finding the right company, just look up some customer reviews, they will give you a better idea of what you are about to get yourself into.

As a top writer for, Ness provides excellent content to her audiences. She has been in writing for over 5 years now and also majored in English while she went to College. Her skills over the years have developed into a very professional manner that is always considered to be high quality. Having written about all types of subjects, she prides herself on being able to consume a lot of information and then providing it back to her audiences in a simple fashion that is always 100 percent accurate.
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DIY Tips for Repairing Damaged Smartphones

dit-smartphone-repairEven the most adept smartphone users can find themselves making the occasional blunder. Perhaps they drop their mobile device in the sink or it slips out of a hand and lands screen-first on rough asphalt. Even co-mingling in pockets with car keys can damage a smartphone. Yes there are few things more irritating than a damaged handheld. Not only are these issues unpleasant to the eye, they often result in the poor functionality of the unit as well. But before cashing in that mobile insurance policy or calling in the smartphone techs, mobile owners may want to consider addressing the problem themselves.

It’s true, a number of smartphone issues don’t require the services of tech professionals in order to fix. In fact, owners can often remedy three of the most common smartphone problems on their own in a short space of time. Here’s how:

Screen Scratches
A very common problem that ranges from minor and superficial to major and debilitating. Most often the culprit is a key scratch or accidentally dropping the smartphone on the ground. In many instances the user can remedy this issue on their own. There are a number of scratch-removal products that can be purchased from most mobile retailers for around $5, but those who really want to go the home-remedy route can use the old toothpaste trick.

This involves dabbing the scratched area of the smartphone screen with a dollop of toothpaste. Then, using a microfiber cloth, the user should gently massage the paste over the screen in a circular motion until it is thoroughly coated. After waiting ten minutes, the owner can wipe the phone clean using a damp (not wet) microfiber cloth. It is crucial the owner use a plain toothpaste with no whitening agents or other harsh additives, as they can damage the screen.

Water Damage
Those who have accidentally dropped their smartphone in water are usually aware that the damage is already done, no matter how quickly they retrieve it. The reality is that most water damage results in the breakdown of the phone, with replacement being the next step. However, those who act quickly may just be able to salvage their smartphone after is has gotten wet.
The key is to remove the battery as quickly as possible after the incident. This ensures the phone won’t turn on while wet, which almost always fries the circuits for good. Then, the owner should dry the unit with a towel and submerge both the handheld and battery in a bowl of dry rice overnight. This should help to suck out any excess moisture.

Frozen Pixels
This usually is a sign that the pixel in question is dead. While often a superficial problem, it can also be severe enough to prevent proper use of the smartphone touch screen. The only home remedy for solving this problem is to massage the area firmly with a soft cloth. This sometimes has the effect of massaging the particular pixel back to life.

The above tips are intended to be helpful household remedies to some of the most common smartphone issues. Of course, if the mobile in question ceases to function due to said damage, then it may be time to consider replacement.

About the author: Sara Wells is a tech blogger who writes on behalf of companies such as smartphone insurer, a popular company that insures gadgets people can’t live without.
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