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5 Tools to Build a Stunning Free Website

It is not necessary to be a techie to design and publish a website.  Building a website is now easy and can be done within a short time. The online tools available have made the job simpler irrespective of the mode of a business launch. If you have an idea and right content with you, building a website is a child’s play.  One need not be a programmer to design a website as this can be done spending some time with easy tools.  Here is an array of tools that has made building websites easier and interesting.

1.      Google Site

Google certainly does not take a back-seat when it comes to website designing too.   With the Google tool one can create team-based websites within the business group.  The site also puts up nifty collaboration tools like listing the tasks, documents, announcements etc.  Hence, Google Apps account is a well-organized business tool. The other advantage is the facility to integrate with other Google tools like search and analytics.

2.      Weebly

It is one of the easiest ways to create a website.  It enables the user to create personal to professional websites spending time on the most important part of the website and content.  The tool also allows creating free websites and free blogs. They even help you buy domain and server space to host the website.

3.      Edicy

Edicy is an easy to use tool to create a website and publish it on the internet within a matter of minutes. The website build up tools are available in few clicks and no additional software is required.   Just at a click, pick beautiful designs, add text and pictures and then publish it on the website.  It is as simple as that.

4.      Moogo

Creating a website is amazingly easy with Moogo.   The tool offers simple solutions to build a website and update it from time to time based on the taste of the user.  It is just the ideal tool for small businesses, individuals, organizations and clubs. One can make a website for a band or a pet simply by using Moogo tools and utilities.

5.      Yola

The tool helps the user to build a basic website by clicking on the template and filling up few forms.  One can fine-tune the website then with available editing tools.  The website can also be integrated with an impressive list of third-party services like PayPal, Flickr for photo sharing and Picnik for editing the photos. Yola is completely dedicated to helping the user build a better website within no time and with minimal effort.

There are many more website builders available to make the process of website designing a fun task. These tools make sure that we don’t need a professional website designer always for building simple and user friendly websites. For any one, building website can be made easy with these tools. If you are creative and has got a design blend, that is enough now as the technicalities involved in building the website are being handled by these online tools.


  1. Weebly is great tool..

  2. Hmmmm still free websites have restrictions what to post or not.

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